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Dear readers,

The purpose of this information is to provide you with important inside knowledge of the Spanish property market. It also gives us the opportunity to offer our dedicated property finding services. It is important to read through to the end where you will find our main website full of information and pictures.

Please be aware, that unlike the UK, property for sale in Spain can be with any number of estate agents. It's a multi agency, "winner takes all" situation out here, and with over 100 estate agents in Moraira and Javea alone, can easily turn your Spanish dream in to a costly nightmare if you get it wrong.

Price reductions are commonplace and sellers often reduce prices by 25,000 to 100,000 or more, depending on the value of the property, but not with all! The longer a property has been on the market the more chance of seeing all sorts of different prices.

The Internet is a great thing but property databases and websites take time and resources to keep them up to date. As a consequence you see property that is either out of date, sold, reduced in price, cheaper elsewhere or taken off the market to let out. Many will leave old attractive information and prices to stimulate new enquiries and eventually you get the old "sorry Sir, that one has just been sold, however we have found this one for you!" routine.

Another thing is photography. It's amazing how deceiving photo's are! Some can make a property look fantastic until you get there and others can make it look like it's not worth viewing. It's always worth while asking before you dismiss it. You can spend weeks looking at unsuitable properties and what may seem to be a real bargain usually isn't. There are classic mistakes people make, no doubt some are the ones you get to read about.

There are properties that sell quickly and represent true value and ones that have been reduced time and time again and still struggle to sell. You need to be aware of what compromises to make. I say forearmed is forewarned and we can guide you through the whole process as to what represents true value and what doesn't. Regardless of any compromises, your purchase should remain highly desirable, especially when you come to sell it on. It's therefore crucial to understand what compromises to make relative to the market and what people want to buy. Get this bit wrong and you may inherit something fundamentally flawed and more often than not is the reason why it was reduced in price time and time again. So if you would like some independent help and advice we are available and at no cost to you! Our reputation depends upon it and our testimonials are real and sincere.

There are of course many other things to consider when buying a property not least finding a good lawyer. And a reputable lawyer will ensure the paperwork is in order for you but he won't be able to tell you if you have made the right choice!

Now another issue is actually finding a good lawyer. Ideally, you need a quality referral to a reputable English speaking lawyer (abogado). We used an excellent lawyer when we bought our property and since then have recommended his services to all our clients. He's born and bred in Moraira and has gained a reputable standing in the community, so has a reputation to live up to. He does a thorough job and ensures everything is in order for you. However there are many more and we can provide a whole list of them.

Please take a moment to see how we can help you or your friends

Firstly, where to buy/invest? We spent four years searching the Costa's in Spain and nearly gave up! Location is paramount and the quality of lifestyle a location provides is everything. My advice, if you have not been, is to explore Moraira and Javea on the Northern Costa Blanca. If you need a place to stay we can recommend various hotels.

Once you have experienced the locations, property comes next but lets leave this for now.

As expert property finders based in Moraira and Javea

We work with all leading estate agents as well as some off the beaten track, whom, surprisingly, have some very interesting property bargains from time to time, so it pays to shop around. Therefore we have access to all available property. Finding and sorting through property, "that fits with your wish list", is a very time consuming task and we ask you to work with us by letting us know your exact requirements, as well as any properties you may have seen on the internet, yourself. We usually find the same property at a reduced price elsewhere! In most cases we may have seen it before and will be able to be very constructive for you with our comments.

When we carry out a property search on your behalf, we telephone and visit the estate agents in person and cherry pick from their current stock. This way we get to see recent price reductions together with any new properties that may have just come on the market and not yet on any websites.

We see vast differences in prices all the time and for this reason we have developed a way to cross-reference the many properties available with over one hundred estate agents, thus ensuring we find the lowest current price.

We select and compile a list of property to view with you and of course the various estate agents. We advise on location, desirability, orientation, privacy, price and much more. Our extensive knowledge of building and reformation work comes in handy too and can be used to form a more structured offer should you see something you like.

If we don't find something special, don't buy it. There will always be another day!

If it's independent help and advice you require, you have just found someone that can really help you.

Should you prefer to "go it alone" through the maze of estate agents out here, beware! They will have your name registered on a direct basis and should you wish us to help you find your dream property and then give sound advice, now or in the future, it may prove very difficult to do so, as you will not be our client.

So, "where's the catch?" I hear you say! "All this for free?"

Of course not, we earn our commissions from the estate agent should a sale be made. This is paid by the vendor as agreed with the estate agent. No sale no fee.

Let us do the legwork for you. There is nothing to lose, everything to gain!

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can be of service.

Please be aware that the properties you see on our main website shown below, represent the bulk of the market but there are more we have access to. All of the properties shown are sourced from an external database made up of many estate agents. We are not estate agents ourselves as we do not take on property listings directly nor do we represent the seller. We are independent property finders representing the purchaser and can provide invaluable help and advice. Take a closer look!

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